Some Recommended Readings



Being a writers we tend to do quite of bit of reading ourselves. By reading we can find ideas for own stories. We decided to come up with a page listing some of the books we have read we found to be interesting. We will provide the name of the book, author and a brief synopsis. You know something that will peak your interest in the book. We have no connection to any of the authors...we just found their works entertaining!


Title of Book Author Synopsis
Funnel Vision Chris Kridler

Judy and Jack are storm chasers. They both have special reasons for being drawn to extreme weather. The author, a storm chaser herself, brings the reader to the edge of the storm with descriptions of equipment, weather conditions, and the excitement of the chase. There is more than stormy weather. Stormy personal relationships, past tragedies, and consequences keep the pace of the book moving between storm seasons. This is a wonderful first book. Hopefully there will be a sequel.



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