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1.    When using a brand name or trade name (product name) in your text, it is important that you use the Registered Trademark symbol immediately after the name with no space for example:

Kleenex® or Kellogg's®


    immediately after typing the last letter of the product name--no space--click on INSERT at the top of your Microsoft Word document in the TOOL BAR. Then select SYMBOL in the list of options. Then choose SYMBOL again at the FONT box. You will find the registered trademark symbol the second square up from bottom and second square in from the bottom right hand corner. Click and hold down LEFT Mouse button to see the symbol more clearly. It will be HIGHLIGHTED. Then click INSERT and then CLOSE. The symbol will appear in the proper place at the end of your product name in your document. Or you can press the ALT key and then 0174. The ® will now appear along with the product name.


2.    For putting a copyright symbol in your document or if you want to show that something you are using is copyrighted you can simply press the ALT key then 0169. You will now have the © showing in your document.


3.    If you need to show a temperature and want to have the little Fahrenheit symbol show again simply press the ALT key then 0186. Now your temperature will show the º after the temperature 45º.


4.    To number your pages: Click INSERT in your Tool Bar. Click PAGE NUMBERS. Then notice the choices. Top of page, bottom of page, right, left, center, etc. Click on these options and look at preview to understand where your numbers will appear. Also notice that SHOW NUMBER ON FIRST PAGE is also an option. Uncheck if you do not want a 1 on the first page.


5.    If your document needs to have bullets within the text follow these steps. If you are using MS Word, select FORMAT from the menu bar, bullets, select the bullet tab and select the style of bullet you would like to use and then click the OK button.